Game Don't Love You - D-roll - Musik - Darkroom Studios - 0793347905427 - 14 augusti 2007
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Game Don't Love You


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Game Don't Love You

Darkroom Familia presents "D-Roll - the Game Don't Love You. " the long-awaited and highly anticipated solo album from one of the original four founding members of Darkroom Familia is finally here! Coming straight from the notorious Acorn Projects in West Oakland, D-Roll drops ferocious rhymes over the classic Darkroom beats that made him a well-known stand-out in the Darkroom line-up. Full of real-life, cautionary street tales of an African American in "The Town", "D-Roll: The Game Don't Love You" is destined to become a Northern Cali classic. Featuring the entire Darkroom Familia: Duke, Crooked, K. I. D., Oso, Venomous, Unknown, Young D, Emasculate. With production provided by Crooked, Duke, and D-Roll himself bringing you that Darkroom sound that fans have loved and supported since the early 90s.


Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Releasedatum 14 augusti 2007
EAN/UPC 0793347905427
Label Darkroom Studios DKRM90542.2
Genre Hip-hop
Mått 63 g

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