Theres A Song In The Air - Monte Rey - Musik - AVID - 5022810192220 - 15 oktober 2007
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Theres A Song In The Air

Monte Rey

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Förväntad leverans 26 jun - 3 jul
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Theres A Song In The Air

(2-CD set) As Montgomery Fyffe he appeared in many prestigious London venues such as the Albert Hall and the Wigmore Hall. CD2 includes all the songs Monte recorded under the Fyffe name, but finally by 1934 he had become the Monte Rey that we all remember so well! Joining Geraldo after a series of successful radio shows he stayed with him until 1939 alongside working with Joe Loss until 1941. During this period Monte also undertook a series of recordings for transmission by Radio Luxembourg which comprise arguably his finest body of work. We present 27 examples of this fine work on CD1. Our final selections for this wonderful Avid Easy release feature five Scottish songs including a glorious live version of Annie Laurie.


Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Antal skivor 2
Releasedatum 15 oktober 2007
EAN/UPC 5022810192220
Label AVID AMSC922
Genre Rock     Rock / Pop
Mått 126 × 142 × 10 mm   ·   94 g


  1. 1.   CD  

    1. Donkey Serenade
    2. One Day when We Were Young*
    3. Cosi, Cosa* (With the Ovaltineys)
    4. Alone* (With Geraldo & His Gaucho Tango Orchestr
    5. Russian Rose
    6. Beyond the Blue Horizon** (With the Ovaltineys)
    7. Can I Forget You?**
    8. Vieni, Vieni* (With Phil Green - Accordion)
    9. Jerome Kern Selection* (A) Lovely to Look at (B)
    10. Te Quiero Dijiste* (With Geraldo & His Gaucho Ta
    11. Green Eyes
    12. Grinzing*
    13. Balloons (Who'll Buy My Nice Balloons?) (With Th
    14. One Song* (With Geraldo & His Orchestra & Chorus
    15. The Veteran's Song* (With the Ovaltineys
    16. Come Back My Love
    17. Lamento Borincano (Cuban Moonlight)*
    18. You Belong to My Heart (Solamente Una Vez)
    19. Sweetheart, We'll Never Grow Old
    20. `music for Madame' Film Selection* (A) I Want Th
    21. The Stars Will Remember (So Will I)
    22. El Sombrero De Gaspar* (With the Ovaltineys and
    23. Come to the Fair* (With the Ovaltineys)
    24. Only a Rose* (With Geraldo & His Orchestra)
    25. Love Walked In* (With Geraldo & His Orchestra)
    26. Mia Canzon' D'amore (My Song of Love)
    27. Lady of Spain
  2. 2.   CD  

    1. L'ultima Canzone*
    2. You Are My Heart's Delight*
    3. Viens, Mina, Viens! (Lied Des Venezianischen Gon
    4. Zueignung* (Acoustic Recording)
    5. Passing By*
    6. Ae Fond Kiss*
    7. The March of the Cameron Men*
    8. Vida Mia** (With Geraldo & His Gaucho Tango Orch
    9. Shine Through My Dreams**
    10. O Maiden, My Maiden*
    11. Cara Mia*
    12. Torna a Surriento*
    13. Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms*
    14. The Rose of Tralee**
    15. Santa Lucia
    16. Come to the Ball* (With Chorus)
    17. Where'er You Walk* ('semele')
    18. Miserere* (`il Trovatore') with Soprano (Sung in
    19. Ay, Ay, Ay*
    20. The World is Mine Tonight**
    21. My Heart Will Never Sing Again**
    22. Granada
    23. O Sole Mio* (With Bert Waller - Piano)
    24. Scots Wha Hae* (With Chorus)
    25. Herding Song (With Albert Gordon - Piano)
    26. Annie Laurie* `live' (With Joe Loss & His Orches

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