Edge of It All - Phil Davidson - Musik - ABC Music Oz - 0602517803275 - 18 augusti 2008
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Edge of It All

Phil Davidson

SEK 79


Förväntad leverans 12 - 18 dec
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Edge of It All

Born in Belfast, northern Ireland, Phil Davidson has been a regular performer on radio and the Sydney entertainment circuit for several years. He is recognized as one of Sydney's premier singer/songwriters, and is in similar vein but slightly more mature than Damien Rice, David Gray and John Mayer. He has played both nationally and internationally having toured in Ireland, the UK, Canada, Boston and Nashville. On 'the edge of it' all Phil touches on the possibilities of mid-life in 'life in the old dog', the delights of fatherhood with 'I'll come running' and 'Georgia's smile', his far away home with 'Belfast boy' and 'Ballymena Agnes' and the perils of the modern dating scene.

Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Releasedatum 18 augusti 2008
EAN/UPC 0602517803275
Label ABC Music Oz ABCM1780327.2
Genre Rock
Mått 108 g

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