Taming Chaos - Gary R. Miller - Böcker - Morgan James Publishing llc - 9781683500629 - 28 februari 2017
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Taming Chaos

Gary R. Miller

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Förväntad leverans 15 - 27 mar
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Taming Chaos

How can teenagers learn to decide when taking a risk is worth it? When brother and sister Jimmy and Carly find a scared, wounded, and huge dog in the woods, they're not sure whether to risk helping her. This question launches Carly and Jimmy on an adventure that leads them to learning a revolutionary approach to making decisions. Teenage readers will close the decision-making fable "Taming Chaos" equipped to tackle difficult life choices with confidence.

"Taming Chaos" is a fable for teenage students, teaching a step-by-step system for facing life's big---and small---decisions with confidence and a calm mind. When life throws challenges at you, you need to know when to swing and when to duck. Join Carly and Jimmy on a journey into life's most challenging uncertainties.

Media Böcker     Inbunden Bok   (Inbunden bok med hårda pärmar och skyddsomslag)
Releasedatum 28 februari 2017
ISBN13 9781683500629
Utgivare Morgan James Publishing llc
Antal sidor 146
Mått 127 × 203 × 13 mm   ·   285 g
Språk Engelska  

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