Sneaker Wave - Mary Lopez - Böcker - Page Publishing, Inc. - 9781683481362 - 17 maj 2016
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Sneaker Wave

Mary Lopez

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Förväntad leverans 15 - 27 mar
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Sneaker Wave

From the author of the Practice Room comes a sequel, Sneaker Wave, where sexual escapism reaches its climax and fear meets its match. Some are too afraid to leave; she was too terrified to stay. Linger too long and she'd surely be blindsided. Never again. No. Keep moving, never look back, never get hurt... But the past is never far behind, for each lover is no more than an incubus, a seductive manifestation of the very demons she is trying to keep at a distance. A chance (re)encounter with a soul as tormented as her own ignites an awakening. What kind of strange paradise is this mingling of hells? Was she wrong about the fairy tale?

Media Böcker     Pocketbok   (Bok med mjukt omslag och limmad rygg)
Releasedatum 17 maj 2016
ISBN13 9781683481362
Utgivare Page Publishing, Inc.
Antal sidor 116
Mått 152 × 229 × 8 mm   ·   217 g
Språk Engelska  

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