So Noted! - Henry Morris - Böcker - Master Books - 9781683440765 - 20 augusti 2017
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So Noted!

Henry Morris

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Förväntad leverans 21 mar - 2 apr
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So Noted!

So Noted is the complete excerpt of the Book of Genesis from The Henry Morris Study Bible. As you read Genesis and the hundreds of commentary notes from the late Dr. Morris, you will discover he combined decades of scientific understanding and accomplishments with a lifetime of rigorous biblical study. His commentary provides a deeper understanding of Genesis which is truly foundational for a deeper insight into God's Word. He presents profound theological, scientific, linguistic, and historic insight into Creation, the Flood, the Patriarchs, and more. Dr. Henry Morris' commentaries for the King James Version of the Bible are among the most respected in the field. His God-honoring notes affirm a literal translation of the Bible explaining difficult passages, pointing to evidence of its inerrancy and resolving apparent contradictions. So Noted also includes 11 appendices that expand on related topics.

Media Böcker     Pocketbok   (Bok med mjukt omslag och limmad rygg)
Releasedatum 20 augusti 2017
ISBN13 9781683440765
Utgivare Master Books
Antal sidor 170
Mått 211 × 274 × 10 mm   ·   408 g
Språk Engelska  

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