Just Something to Think About! - Harvey Schultz - Böcker - Xulon Press - 9781613795255 - 28 juni 2011
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Just Something to Think About!

Harvey Schultz

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Förväntad leverans 21 mar - 2 apr
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Just Something to Think About!

If you are a fan of good old-fashioned common sense and folksy humor, you will love reading the writing of Harvey Schultz. His first "Just Something to Think About" was filled with outstanding essays based on amazing recollections of his life experiences. Volume Two is no different. Harvey has a unique ability to examine common events that on the surface seem to be very ordinary and use them as illustrations of Biblical principles. Being familiar with scripture is a trait shared by many, but making consistently wise applications of scripture is a rare gift shared by only a few. Harvey is one such person. I cannot emphasize enough how much I have gained by reading his Volume One, and now here is Volume Two, another great collection of his work. On page 12 in Harvey's Volume One he writes, "As I see the road that I have traveled much longer than the one that is ahead, I am occasionally concerned that perhaps my life has not made a difference." After reading his writing, you will see that he has truly made a difference. Shannon Spears We have published our first and second volumes of "JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT! There are now plans in motion to publish two other books in the near future! We hope that all of these will be both enjoyable and challenging. Harvey and Ashley Schultz

Media Böcker     Pocketbok   (Bok med mjukt omslag och limmad rygg)
Releasedatum 28 juni 2011
ISBN13 9781613795255
Utgivare Xulon Press
Antal sidor 126
Mått 152 × 229 × 8 mm   ·   195 g
Språk Engelska  

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