Death of a Politician - Dpm Dr. Michael Wilson - Böcker - Xulon Press - 9781613795033 - 27 juni 2011
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Death of a Politician

Dpm Dr. Michael Wilson

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Förväntad leverans 15 - 27 mar
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Death of a Politician

SUMMARY Dedicated to a life serving others, this story documents one man's journey, highlighting his dream to become elected to the Congress of the United States. But, this is more than a mere documentary chronicling random events of a political process. It is a story of Dr. Michael Wilson's personal fortitude, a display of character and commitment to a vision to succeed even when the cards were clearly stacked against him. The strength of this story is how it moves seamlessly from one God-inspired moment to another until his true destiny was realized. Never, ever giving up, the real prize was in discovering how faith in the power of God inspired him to greatness. BIO Dr. Michael Wilson is a podiatrist with the Veterans Administration. He resides in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with his wife, Shelia, and son, Drew. No longer active in politics, Dr. Wilson is a sought-after inspirational speaker in anti-violence initiatives, youth integrity, and responsibility. ENDORSEMENTS "Death of a Politician" is a 'Rocky Balboa' type of story of how to meet challenges that come from many directions, and still come out a winner. At a time when role-model values of African-American men is under such heated discussion, Dr. Wilson is a true role model. This book should be mandatory reading for every young man, no matter what his background." Dr. Mitzi Bond, Ph. D. North Carolina State A&T State University Greensboro, NC "Death of a Politician" is a very good way to describe the ups and downs of trying to win a political race. This book is a must to help all politicians, new comers, and those that have been in politics for many years. It is a wake-up call for all of us." Rev. Oscar Odom, Jr. Councilman City of St. George, SC

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Releasedatum 27 juni 2011
ISBN13 9781613795033
Utgivare Xulon Press
Antal sidor 224
Mått 152 × 229 × 13 mm   ·   335 g
Språk Engelska