Love Planets - M.j. Abadie - Bøger - Touchstone - 9780671689582 - 19 maj 1990

Love Planets

M.j. Abadie

SEK 289
Förväntad leverans 23 jun - 3 jul

Love Planets

Now you can give yourself the same precise, subtle relationship readings previously available only from a professional astrologer.
With Love Planets you'll go beyond the Sun signs to reveal the crucial effect of the personal planets and points (Moon, Venus, Mars, and Ascendant) on your love life.
While Sun signs are important, they're only part of the picture. For instance, if she's a Scorpio, and he's a Leo, Sun sign astrology would give their relationship the "kiss of death." But in Love Planets you'll find out that her Leo Moon and his Venus in Cancer mean their masculine and feminine natures are actually made for each other!
Easy-to-use tables and step-by-step instructions make it simple for you to discover:

  • your full romantic and sexual profile (your partner's too)
  • your compatibility match-up
  • what your lover's image of the ideal mate is
  • how to avoid repeating unsuccessful relationship patterns
  • what you should look for in a mate, and how to nurture the connection once it's made
  • how to use these insights with a unique set of role-playing scripts

Illuminate the mysteries of love by going beyond Sun signs -- with Love Planets.

Media Böcker     Pocketbok   (Bok med mjukt omslag och limmad rygg)
Releasedatum 19 maj 1990
ISBN13 9780671689582
Utgivare Touchstone
Antal sidor 336
Mått 152 × 21 × 231 mm   ·   503 g
Språk Engelska  

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