North Country - The Rankin Family - Musik - COUNTRY / POP - 0077778068327 - 3 september 1993

North Country

The Rankin Family

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North Country

1993 album for the successful Canadian Folk/Country outfit. North Country solidifies the group's wholesome reputation. You can always count on The Rankins for at least one exquisite, stand-out pop melody per recording, that one here is the title track's tribute to Canadian wilderness. The voices of Cookie, Heather, and Raylene Rankin blend effectively with an intuitive sense of harmony. These are pure, attractive voices, but with a certain lack of emotional depth that parallels Jimmy and John Morris Rankin's sometimes over-sweetened, keyboard-dominated instrumentation.

Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc)
Releasedatum 3 september 1993
EAN/UPC 0077778068327
Label COUNTRY / POP 806832
Genre Country / Pop
Mått 90 g

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