Semele - G.F. Handel - Musik - DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON - 0028943578226 - 10 maj 1993


G.F. Handel

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Semele is an album by G. F. Handel, released in 1993. The album is a classical 3-CD.


Media Musik     CD   (Compact Disc) × 3
Kompositör/låtskrivare Händel
Releasedatum 10 maj 1993
EAN/UPC 0028943578226
Genre Classical
Mått 142 × 125 × 15 mm   ·   152 g


  1. 1.   CD

    1. Battle, Kathleen - Semele
    2. Ouverture - Gavotte
    3. Behold! Auspicious Flashes Rise!
    4. Lucky Omens Bless Our Rites
    5. Daughter, Obey, Hear & Obey!
    6. Ah Me! What Refuge Now is Left Me? - O Jove! in Pi
    7. The Morning Lark to Mine Accords His Note
    8. See, She Blushing Turns Her Eyes
    9. Hymen, Haste, Thy Torch Prepare
    10. Alas! She Yields, & Has Undone Me
    11. Why Dost Thou Thus Untimely Grieve
    12. Avert These Omens, All Ye Pow'rs!
    13. Again Auspicious Flashes Rise
    14. Thy Aid, Pronubial Juno, Athmans Implores!
    15. Cease, Cease Your Vows, 'tis Impious to Proceed
    16. O Athmans, What Torture Hast Thou Borne!
    17. Turn, Hopeless Lover, Turn Thy Eyes
    18. She Weeps!
    19. Your Tuneful Voice My Tale Would Tell
    20. Too Well I See, Thou Wilt Not Understand Me
    21. You've Undone Me - with My Life I Would Atone
    22. Ah, Wretched Prince, Doom'd to Disastrous Love!
    23. Hail Cadmus, Hail!
    24. Endless Pleasure, Endless Love
  2. 2.   CD

    1. Sinfonia
    2. Iris, Impatient of Thy Stay
    3. There from Mortal Cares Retiring
    4. No More - I'll Hear No More! - Awake Saturnia from
    5. Hence, Iris, Hence Away
    6. O Sleep, Why Dost Thouleave Me?
    7. Let Me Not Another Moment Bear the Pangs of Absenc
    8. Lay Your Doubts & Fears Aside
    9. You Are Mortal & Require Time to Rest
    10. With Fond Desiring
    11. How Engaging, How Endearing
    12. Ah Me! - Why Sighs My Semele?
    13. I Must with Speed Amuse Her
    14. Now Love That Everlasting Boy Invites
    15. By My Command
    16. Where'er You Walk
    17. Dear Sister, How Was Your Passagehither?
    18. Bzt Hark! the Heav'nly Sphere Turns Round
    19. Prepare Then, Ye Immortal Choir
    20. Bless the Glad Earth with Heav'nly Lays
  3. 3.   CD

    1. (Symphony) Larghetto E Piano Per Tutto
    2. Somnus, Awake, Raise Thy Reclining Head!
    3. Leave Me, Loathsome Light
    4. Dull God, Canst Thou Attend the Water's Fall
    5. More Sweet is That Name
    6. My Will Obey, She Shall Be Thine
    7. Obey My Will - All I Must Grant
    8. My Racking Thoughts by No Kind Slumbers Freed
    9. Thus Shap'd Like Info
    10. Behold in This Mirror
    11. O Ecstasy of Happiness
    12. Myself I Shall Adore
    13. Be Wise, As You Are Beautiful
    14. Conjure Him by His Oath
    15. Thus Let My Thanks Be Paid
    16. Rich Odours Fill the Fragrant Air
    17. Come to My Arms, My Lovely Fair
    18. O Semele! Why Art Thou Thus Insensible? - I Ever a
    19. Speak, Speak Your Desire
    20. By That Tremendous Flood, I Swear
    21. You'll Grant What I Require? - then Cast off This
    22. Ah, Take Heed What You Press
    23. No, No! I'll Take No Less
    24. Ah! Wither is She Gone!
    25. Above Measure is the Pleasure, Which My Revenge Su
    26. Ah Me! Too Late I Now Repent
    27. Of My Ill-boding Dream
    28. Oh, Terror & Astonishment!
    29. How I Was Hence Remov'd
    30. Despair No More Shall Wound Me
    31. See from Above the Bellying Clouds Descend
    32. Sinfonia
    33. Apollo Comes, to Relieve Your Care
    34. Happy, Happy Shall We Be

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