Warehouse 13: Season 2 - TV Series - Film - PLAYBACK - 5050582831542 - 19 september 2011

Warehouse 13: Season 2

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Warehouse 13: Season 2

From the makers of DOLLHOUSE and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA comes this intriguing series in which a couple of American secret service agents find themselves deployed in a facility shrouded in secrecy and where the government has accumulated a huge collection of items linked to the supernatural and occult. The duo is tasked with investigating rumours of new objects and locating those that have gone missing. WAREHOUSE 13 hits the right balance between sci-fi thrills and supernatural chills and is the perfect programme for those looking to fill the void left since THE X FILES came to an end. This collection features series 2 in its entirety.


Media Film     DVD × 4
Releasedatum 19 september 2011
EAN/UPC 5050582831542
Label PLAYBACK 8283154
Genre Science Fiction
Mått 235 g   (Estimerad vikt)
Region Region 2   (Europa)
Språk Engelska  
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