Rec - Rec - Film - E1 - 5030305512088 - 6 oktober 2008
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Rec Single Disc edition


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Rec Single Disc edition

High-concept Spanish horror film REC employs the same 'amateur' handheld camera technique as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and, more recently, CLOVERFIELD, to create a heightened sense of realism and terror. Local TV reporter Angela (Manuela Velasco) and her cameraman are covering the night shift at a Barcelona fire station when they are called out to help an old woman trapped in her apartment. This routine call is soon revealed to be anything but, when events take a horrific turn. After breaking down the door, the team find the woman seemingly possessed and rabidly aggressive. As it becomes clear that the danger is not merely confined to the woman's apartment, Angela, her cameraman and those unfortunate to be trapped inside the dark building find themselves desperately scrambling to escape, despite outside efforts to contain them.
The film is co-directed by Jaume Balaguero (DARKNESS) and Paco Plaza, who also share writing credits with Luis Berdejo. The hyper-realism of the teams' script and frenzied direction ensure that the viewer is on edge throughout, with dread lurking down every hallway and around every corner. A huge cult hit in its native country, REC has already spawned an American remake, QUARANTINE (2008) and received much-deserved widespread critical acclaim.


Media Film     DVD
Releasedatum Polen, 6 oktober 2008
Ursprungligen utgiven 2007
EAN/UPC 5030305512088
Label E1 SOF51208
Genre Horror
Mått 137 × 193 × 14 mm   ·   124 g   (Estimerad vikt)
Speltid 01:15:00
Region Region 2   (Europa)
Ljudformat Dolby Digital 5.1
Bildformat 16:9
Språk Spanska  
Undertexter Engelska
OBS: Filmen har inte undertexter på svenska.

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